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Great collection for either the beginner or simply topping up one's cupboards.

~ Willow's Attic Ultimate Kit Collection ~

*** 14 Written Parchments ***

The Wiccan Rede
Daily Blessings
The Charge of the Goddess
The Charge of the God
The Witches' Chant
The Witches' Creed
Grounding and Centering
Casting a Circle
Closing a Circle
The Witches’ Alphabet
Candle Magick
Pentagram and its Elements
Mineral Attributes
The Wheel of the Year

Along with the following ....

10 Blank Parchments – (8½ x 11” standard parchment)
1 Feather writing quill
13 Mini candles
5 Small feathers - (approx. 1 - 4")
10 Scented incense cones

Ritual Inks - * ALL THREE INKS * from the following list

1 Dragon’s Blood Ink
1 Dove’s Blood Ink
1 Bat’s Blood Ink

* Our inks are NOT real blood inks – they are made with plant resins *

25 Herb Samplers in 3x2 baggies
( herbs are chosen randomly from herbs listed on our herb page )

Also included in your kit ...

Sea Salt – 3x2 baggie
Anointing Oil - 1 vial
Holy Water – 1 vial
10 Scented Incense Sticks
2 Long Burning Charcoal Tablets

Also included will be * ONE ITEM* randomly chosen from the following list

Star Shaped Candle Holder
Beautiful Bell
Pentagram Shaped Candle Holder
Candle Snuffer
Tapered Candle Holder
Ritual/Offering Bowl
Oil Diffuser
Large Wooden Incense Stick Holder

* Styles and colours vary *

You’ll also enjoy at least * TWO* of our Magickal House Blends

Dream Tea and/or Dream Herb Blend
Cystitis Tea and/or Cystitis Herb Blend
Headache Tea and/or Headache Herb Blend
Faerie (Fae) Tea and/or Faerie Herb Blend
Money Tea and/or Money Herb Blend
Love Tea and/or Love Herb Blend
Cleansing/Detoxification Tea and/or Cleansing/Detoxification Herb Blend
Aphrodisia Tea and/or Aphrodisia Herb Blend
Visions Tea and/or Visions Herb Blend
Luck & Prosperity Tea and/or Luck & Prosperity Herb Blend
Laxative Tea and/or Laxative Herb Blend
Return To Me Tea and/or Return To Me Herb Blend
Confidence Tea and/or Confidence Herb Blend
Banish/Changes Tea and/or Banish/Changes Herb Blend
Protection Tea and/or Protection Herb Blend

TEA BLENDS – some are sealed and some are loose
HERB BLENDS – are for ritual use only. Not to be ingested

And we’ll add just a bit more ….

Extra Printed Parchment - (8½ x 11” standard parchment)
Magickal Intention Herb List
Muslin Drawstring Reusable Pouch
Shells – shape & size varies

And we'll complete your kit by adding * TWO ITEMS * chosen from the following :

Willow’s Attic ~ Moonbeam Powder
Willow’s Attic ~ Faerie Powder
Willow’s Attic ~ Woodland Blend
Willow’s Attic ~ Faerie Blend
Willow’s Attic ~ Psychic Powder



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